NanoSpec Instruments LLC

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Offering innovative solutions for high-performance, low noise nano-to-millisecond transient absorption spectroscopy

At NanoSpec Instruments, our goal is to deliver affordable, state-of-the-art transient spectrometers that push the limits of sensitivity and are as easy to use as UV-Vis or FTIR instruments. We believe that transient spectroscopy instrumentation in your lab should be engineered so that you can focus on the sample and the results of the measurement rather than on the laser and the measurement itself.

Our philosophy is to engineer our spectrometers so that chemists, materials scientists and biologists can do state of the art transient spectroscopy without having to be experts in ultrafast laser technology.

Our nanosecond transient absorption spectrometers deliver this capability using a fundamentally different approach than others in the field. Our patent pending technology reduces noise by orders of magnitude and so does not rely on complex ultrafast lasers to achieve high signal to noise ratios. This enables us to deliver the highest performance nano-to-millisecond transient absorption spectrometers that are true one-box, turn-key systems as reliable and easy to use as your UV-Vis or FTIR spectrometer.

Our patent-pending detection technology enables an unprecedented 100 ΔnanoO.D. detection limit and full 2D frequency and time resolution. This advance leads to instruments that are better, faster, smaller, easier to use, and much more affordable than the previous state-of-the-art.

Our products support transient absorption spectroscopy in the UV, visible, near-infrared, and mid-infrared spectral regions. Our products also support time-resolved emission spectroscopy measurements with nanosecond time resolution.